Monday, May 18, 2015

Pitch Day

Friday was Pitch Day and it was acually a great experience. A lot of things happened to the good, the bad and the ugly during the day. The good was that it went pretty fast. I also liked that a lot of parents were really nice and asked me questions about my passion. They made it a lot easier for me to talk about what I was doing and make my whole presentation flow. What was bad was that my laptop couldn't get to YouTube. I guess the school put this weird block on it and that made it really difficult in the beginning to set up because I then had to use my iPad and it just wasn't the same. What was kind of ugly was the that I felt like I was starting to rush my words and get in everything once I got into the groove of repeating my speech over and over again. What was also ugly was that Conner and Bridget kept throwing me under the bus and sending everyone over to me. But it was okay because I got that experience of talking to people and it wasn't as nerve racking as I though it would be. Overall, I think pitch day was a success.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Planning for Pitch Day

I am going to use a trifold board to present my pitch. I could also use a laptop from the school to play a game of central vs York catholic from game time PA. My script will basically go over what I have done to get to this point on pitch day and my research of the topic. I will probably start will my experience playing girls lacrosse and why exactly this is my passion and want to become a referee. I could also talk about what I learned from doing the 20 time project and also some challenges or difficulties I had during the process. Whether I go on to pursue this or not I'm glad I got the knowledge to figure out if it's a job I want to continue with to get some good money and work.

Pitch Day Anticipation

There is a lot of things I need to do in preparation for pitch day. First of all, I need to take a trip to AC Moore to get a trifold board and other supplies to make me visual for the presentation. I also need to then make the visual with the materials I bought. Then I have to make sure that I have a laptop from the school so I can bring up the lacrosse video of central vs York catholic on game time PA to play during my pitch. I will also have to practice to make sure that I have everything under control. I have done I good job on research I have grown through the process getting relevant information and helpful ideas to achieving my goal. I am kind of nervous about pitch day because I don't have everything together that I need. I think I will be excited and optimistic when u am more confident and have practiced the pitch with the finished product.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Contacting a Professional

The professional that I contacted was my coach, Coach K. She has been a coach for many years in many schools, been awarded recognitions in the paper for best coach and is also a certified women's lacrosse referee. I talked to Coach K face to face after my lacrosse practice regarding my genius hour and some questions I had. I thin the conversation went very well. I was stressed out that she wouldn't have answers for me or it would be an awkward conversation. However, she is very easy to talk to so I didn't feel intimidated or very nervous which is always good. She told me that most of everything is online. She even said that if I needed someone to "sponser" me or to assess me on final evaluation day she would be happy to volunteer. She said that if I had any more questions to come back because it really is fun when you get into the schedule. I am able to sign up for games at the ref meetings and clinics that are available. Scheduling can also be done online if I would be unable to make meetings. I would just have to sign in with my certified us lacrosse account, which is why I was unable to find that information before. This process really helped me grow because I am now able to be comfortable when asking for help from other people. I have realized that I have become more confident even by doing a simple thing like talking to someone rather than through a text or email. I don't really have a new insight on my idea. I still want to do exactly what I'm doing and I'm still in the same track.

This is me writing my script to Coach K.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Findings through Research

      I have gotten a lot of new information through research based on my topic and questions. I have found out that there isn't exactly an age limit to being a referee. However, there are certain certification requirements. These requirements include a U.S. Lacrosse membership, to take an online women's lacrosse game course, go to a meeting, take a test on that meeting and then finally, have someone evaluate you while you ref a game for real. To me, I have connections to a lot of coaches and referees in the area so it will be easy for me to meet these requirements before certification. Like I said before, there isn't exactly an age limit but depending on your age you can only ref certain age groups. For my age, high school student under 18, I would be qualified to ref young girls in grades 4 to 6 and some middle school. Another answer I found was that the certification class involves going over a bunch of rules and working hours. The online courses also taken involve your knowledge of the game and what you learned from the meeting. The sessions cost nothing and I would need to talk to a trainer, coach or referee to find out more information on the date and time of the next class. The amount of pay for a referee really depends on the level you are officiating. For me, I would get paid between 30 to 45 dollars per game. Which is very good given to the fact that games are about 1 hour and minimum wage is about $7.30. In order to sign up for games and tournaments you simply talk with the U.S. Lacrosse members about your avalabilty and plan ahead for the games. Finally, I do have to pay for my own uniform. Now the P.I.A.A do provide a specific uniform but I have to put money down for it to keep.
      Throughout my research my passion for lacrosse has grown. I have realized all the things that I can use my talent for. Not only can I become a referee but also a coach or assistant coach. I can host a tournament for a couple pick up games. I can teach others how to get into the game of lacrosse. I mean, I never thought that there were so many possibilities. I have learned through much research that it isn't as hard as I thought it was to be certified. I thought it was a series of long classes and tests but really you can take it all online. I have grown in my passion, but also as a learner and researcher. I have learned by going to legit websites with real information that is updated. I have learned to narrow down my searches to find exactly what I need. And to know what I even need to look for to ask and write down questions. It is very easy to look more in depth for information when you know exactly what you want to be looking for and with my questions as my guidelines it was much easier to navigate and find the correct websites and information. My findings have been both helpful and successful.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Changing Society Through Lacrosse

     There are many ways that lacrosse can be used to change your school, community or society. I am using lacrosse to better school and my community. This goal is to become a referee for the game. I feel that referees these days don't call everything and aren't as good as they should be. Their knowledge of the game is poor and they get confused. It only seems logical for someone that acually plays the game first hand to call the fouls. I feel that by doing to the training myself I can benefit school teams and players in my community by giving them the fair game they deserve with the proper knowledge and understanding with my experience.  My ideal out come after this 20 Time Genius Hour is to acually be a certified referee. It may seem far fetched in the time frame but after research and classes in my free time it is easily approachable.

Inquiry Questions for Further Research

1) Is there an age limit in order to be certified?

2) what would the certification classes involve? Date and time? Cost?

3) How much is the pay for referees?

4) When I am certified, how do I sign up to ref games and tournaments?

5) Do I have to pay for my own uniform? How much is that out of my pocket?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Passionate about Lacrosse

      I was first introduced to the game when my brother started playing in 2008. That is when I also joined the lacrosse team. At the time, there were no girls lacrosse teams for my age group (8 years old) so I became apart of the boys team. For three years, I have played with boys with full pads and helmet. Players and parents were surprised to see a girl on the field playing as tough, if not tougher, than the boys. When I got to fifth grade I started playing girls lacrosse. If you knew the difference between the two you with would know that girls and boys lacrosse are almost as it seems polar opposites. There was barely any checking, no contact, free shots and a whole new stick and equipment. It was like having to learn the game all over again. But this was my passion. I was determined to become the best player I could be. For the next four years I built up the strength, confidence and skill I needed. I realized that I have made many of my friends through this sport which I couldn't be more grateful for. These people have been with me through and through and season after season we get closer and closer. Last summer, I played for the Black Dog summer team and won my first tournament overall. Now in ninth grade I have made the varsity team freshman year.        
       Lacrosse has become my life and I want to share that with others. I want them to find themselves and find the family that they will love to be apart of. This way they can feel good about themselves while sharing it with others through a sport for years and years on.